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Alonso looks ahead to 2022 F1 season: Want to be as strong as possible

Alonso looks ahead to 2022 F1 season: "Want to be as strong as possible"

19 January - 17:48 Last update: 19 January - 17:48


The Formula One world is gearing up for the sweeping rule changes scheduled for the 2022 season. These rule changes were an important reason for Fernando Alonso to make his comeback in the sport. At the same time, the now 40-year-old Spaniard realises all too well that this winter will be extra hard work.

According to Alonso, the preparation for the new season is not necessarily tougher physically, but it is more time-consuming. For the Spaniard, an important physical part is already over: he recently underwent a successful second jaw surgery as a result of his cycling accident last year.

Heavier winter than usual

As of this writing, the preparation is mainly in simulator work and time in the factory. "In terms of adaptation, I don't think there will be a big difference," Alonso said in a conversation with Formula1.com. "It's just some hard work, harder than any other winter, because we will have to spend some more time in the simulator and together with the team."

He admits that there may be more enjoyable ways to spend the winter, but the ever-ambitious Alonso is not deviating from the plan. "I want to be as strong as I can and know that I will have to train hard for that," said the two-time world champion.

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