No 'grey areas' for drivers to enter Australia for GP

19-01-2022 12:27 | Updated: 19-01-2022 14:49
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No 'grey areas' for drivers to enter Australia for GP

When Formula 1 returns to Australia in April after two years, there will be no so-called "gray areas" for drivers and team personnel to enter the country. According to organiser Andrew Westacott, this should not be a problem.

Australia was in the news a lot last week because star tennis player Novak Djokovic was not allowed to enter the country. The Serbian refused to vaccinate against the coronavirus, but this is a requirement to enter Australia. Therefore, there will be no grey areas for Formula One drivers.

All drivers vaccinated

General manager of the Australian Grand Prix Corporation (AGPC) Westacott said to an Australian newspaper The Age that he expects all Formula One drivers to cooperate with the rules and that everyone is vaccinated. The Australian is looking at the 41 Grands Prix held between the cancellation of the 2020 race and the GP to be held in 2022.

"In each of those cases, Formula One has been able to work and maintain business continuity," Westacott let us know. In principle, there should be no problem for the drivers, as Qatar, Saudi Arabia and Abu Dhabi also already had vaccination requirements in place when F1 traveled to those Grands Prix.

Big event in Australia

The Australian Grand Prix should be one of the biggest races ever hosted by the country. In this regard, Westacott is looking at the 'Netflix factor', Max Verstappen against Lewis Hamilton and the new cars. In addition, Albert Park has been modified for the first time in 25 years and Australia can't wait to see Daniel Ricciardo in a McLaren. "There are a huge amount of reasons why this is going to be a great event," concludes Westacott.

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