With one more win, Hamilton takes an awe-inspiring record

18-01-2022 19:18 | Updated: 18-01-2022 20:59
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With one more win, Hamilton takes an awe-inspiring record

Lewis Hamilton equaled Michael Schumacher's record with seven world titles in 2021. On other record lists, the Briton has already surpassed the German, but this year the Mercedes driver can already set a new record with just one victory and surpass Schumacher again.

Sixteen seasons in a row with victory for Hamilton

Max Verstappen beat Hamilton just before the end of the last race of the season. A dramatic loss for Hamilton and a frenzied victory for the Dutchman. With his loss, Hamilton grabbed next to the greatest record possible. The Briton did not take his eighth title and therefore remains in a shared first place with Schumacher.

Hamilton fans who feast on statistics and record lists need not grieve, because with one victory in 2022 the driver breaks the record of the longest set of seasons with at least one victory. Currently, Schumacher and Hamilton both stand on a record series of fifteen seasons, but with one win from Hamilton in 2022, it will be sixteen for him. And in all likelihood Hamilton will not fail to win a race once in next season.

Verstappen is nine years behind

These two drivers stand head and shoulders above the rest of the drivers. At number three is Alain Prost with ten consecutive seasons with at least one win. This is followed by Ayrton Senna with nine seasons and Nelson Piquet with eight seasons. Max Verstappen, of course, is on the attack and is in a shared ninth place with Jackie Stewart and Sebastian Vettel with six seasons in a row. That means the Dutchman is nine seasons 'behind' his rival.

Remarkably, there are only 49 drivers who managed to string together multiple seasons with at least one victory. At the bottom of the list we find Felipe Massa, Kimi Raikkonen twice, Daniel Ricciardo, Sebastian Vettel for the second time and Valtteri Bottas; all not the least drivers with a series of three seasons. It shows the class of drivers like Hamilton and Schumacher, who could run with the top of the grid for no less than fifteen seasons.

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