Prost lashes out mercilessly: 'Didn't even say hello on the circuit'

18-01-2022 09:32 | Updated: 18-01-2022 10:38
Prost lashes out mercilessly: 'Didn't even say hello on the circuit'

Alain Prost has lashed out mercilessly at the leadership of Alpine. According to the four-time world champion, he was simply thrown out with the garbage by Laurent Rossi. Prost was no longer needed at the French racing team and was slowly but surely relegated to the background. He therefore pulled the plug himself.

With reorganisations it is inevitable that people are sacrificed, but the way Prost was treated, seems to have been anything but decent, judging by the words of the Frenchman. In conversation with the newspaper L'Equipe he leaves no stone unturned about how he was bumped out of Alpine.

Rossi wants to make his own decisions

"Laurent Rossi's wish is to be alone [at the top], to be untouched by anyone," Prost said. "He told me he didn't need any more advice. There is a real urge to put a lot of people on the sidelines." According to the former Formula 1 driver, Rossi wanted to have complete control.

Prost was still offered a new contract at the end of 2021, but he politely declined. He did not like the way things were going. He was no longer involved in decisions, but was expected to explain to the press why certain choices were made, even if he did not support them.

Departure from Alpine

In any case, the relationship between Prost and Rossi can no longer be repaired. "If the team boss doesn't even say hello to you when you arrive at the circuit, it's because there's no fun anymore. There's not even respect anymore. And then it just can't work." For Prost, the past year was "very disruptive" in his own words. Prost felt that all the older staff were being shown the door and so his input was no longer appreciated either.

Prost is the second top executive to leave Alpine after Marcin Budkowski. Budkowski had been under contract with the formation from Viry for over three years, but his employment also came to a sudden end.

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