Pressure on FIA: 'Title of Verstappen will always be reminded of this'

18-01-2022 07:58 | Updated: 18-01-2022 08:20
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Pressure on FIA: 'Title of Verstappen will always be reminded of this'

Damon Hill, Martin Brundle and Ted Kravitz hope that the investigation into the Abu Dhabi Grand Prix will actually produce a result. According to the analysts, Formula 1 is now not taken seriously.

The FIA is still investigating the final laps of the GP in Abu Dhabi. The laps in which the safety car was out and brought in for the final lap, while only some of the lapped cars had been let past and they were not even given time to rejoin. The FIA cannot brush this aside, according to British analysts.

Pressure on the FIA

''We can't have races where people laugh at us. I'm afraid Abu Dhabi was an example of that,'' says Hill at Sky Sports. Brundle also hopes that the FIA will come up with a good answer. According to the former driver, the FIA cannot push this under the carpet. ''We need to understand what happened and why it won't happen again.''

Kravitz also believes that the FIA should come up with a strong answer as to why Michael Masi changed his mind (to let the lapped cars pass or not). ''On the balance of it, Max Verstappen ended up with more wins and more points and you've got to say he deserves the championship. But we'll always remember 2021 with this very, very unsatisfactory ending,'' Kravitz concludes.

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