'Sometimes it seems like Formula 1 is ruled by certain teams'

17-01-2022 14:25 | Updated: 17-01-2022 15:13
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'Sometimes it seems like Formula 1 is ruled by certain teams'

Zak Brown believes reform is needed within the FIA and Formula One. The controversial ending of the Abu Dhabi Grand Prix is proof of that, the McLaren boss reveals in an extensive article on the McLaren website. He also believes that control of the sport should be taken away more from the teams.

Management rules in current form are unacceptable

Brown let in his article know some of the rules and their administration in their current form are unacceptable. According to Brown, the events in Abu Dhabi, in which decisions made by the race committee had a direct impact on the outcome of the race as well as the world title, are a symptom of systematic problems with alignment and clarity about who makes the rules - the FIA or the teams.

"Nobody is happy with the inconsistency in the application of the rules, but it is often abused by the teams to gain a competitive advantage," Brown is critical. According to him, the teams now have too much power and this should be reduced. "We play an important role in setting the rules and governing Formula 1 and that influence is not always driven by what is best for the sport in general."

Formula 1 ruled by certain teams

Brown does believe that the teams should be consulted when it comes to long-term strategic issues. "But sometimes it seems like the sport is ruled by certain teams. Let's not forget that we, the teams, have contributed as much as anyone to the inconsistencies in the enforcement of the rules."

According to Brown, the teams voted for many of the regulations they complained about. "It's the teams that have used the broadcasting of radio messages to the race director to try and influence penalties and the outcome of the race, to the point where an overexcited team boss [Mercedes team boss Toto Wolff in Abu Dhabi, ed.] is playing in front of the grandstand and putting pressure on the race director. This has not been conducive to Formula One."

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