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Supreme mood at Ferrari: 'Gap to Red Bull and Mercedes smaller'
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Supreme mood at Ferrari: 'Gap to Red Bull and Mercedes smaller'

17 January - 11:00 Last update: 12:49


Ferrari seems to be taking a big step forward in 2022. According to Ted Kravitz and Karun Chandhok, there are a lot of positive noises coming from the Italian racing stable and that would be mainly due to the new engine.

After going deep with a sixth-place finish among the constructors in 2020, Ferrari climbed back to third place in 2021. However, it is not yet where Ferrari wants to be, because with the available resources the team should of course be fighting for the world title. However, after the questionable talks between the FIA and Ferrari about the engine in late 2019, Ferrari did not win a single race.

Overwhelming mood at Ferrari

Within and around Ferrari there is a positive atmosphere. It was revealed earlier that the team has opted for an aggressive approach with the chassis, with which Ferrari hopes to surprise the competitors. At Sky Sports Kravitz reports that he hears positive noises, especially about the engine. His colleague Chandhok hears noises to the same effect.

''They were very optimistic because they feel they made big gains on the power-unit side. They are coming back not quite on a par with Honda and Mercedes, but not a million miles behind,'' says Chandhok. With an aggressive design of the new car, Ferrari hopes to finally trump its competitors once again. The Ferrari car will be presented on February 17.

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