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McLaren CEO praises: 'He's the best team boss in Formula 1'

McLaren CEO praises: 'He's the best team boss in Formula 1'

16-01-2022 17:02 Last update: 19:29


Andreas Seidl has been team boss of McLaren since 2019, and the CEO of the British team, Zak Brown, has nothing but praise for his colleague. The American even calls him "the best team boss in Formula 1."

Although McLaren had to concede defeat to Ferrari in the battle for third place in the championship this year, their upward trend continued in 2021. The one-two finish at the Italian Grand Prix in Monza symbolised the resurgence of the second most successful team in Formula One history.

McLaren owes part of recent success to Seidl

As a result, Brown looks back on the 2021 season with satisfaction and is particularly appreciative of Seidl, who made a major restructuring of the team when he took over. According to Brown, that was an important piece of the puzzle in the way back up. "He took a lot of pressure off my shoulders and took it on himself," says the American in conversation with Motorsport-Magazin.com.

In 2019, the team from Woking surprisingly grabbed fourth place in the constructors' championship, and finished third in 2020. In 2021, the British racing team battled with Ferrari for third place, but ultimately had to acknowledge its superiority to the recovering Italian team.

According to Brown, a large part of the recent successes of McLaren are therefore due to its new team boss. "He has done an excellent job. I think he is the best team boss in Formula 1," said the McLaren CEO.

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