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Russell shares his views on Hamilton & Verstappen's Monza crash

Russell shares his views on Hamilton & Verstappen's Monza crash

15 January - 14:26 Last update: 19:12


Now that we need to wait for the new season to start, there is an extensive look back on the past season. Among other things, George Russell has been sharing his opinion on the controversial incident between Max Verstappen and Lewis Hamilton at Monza.

Verstappen and Hamilton were in a class of their own in 2021. Hardly any race could other drivers come close to the two leaders, who did meet regularly on the track. One of the most controversial moments was undoubtedly the crash during the Italian Grand Prix.

On the YouTube channel of Formula 1 various drivers and journalists reacted to the moment, with Max Verstappen receiving a three-place grid penalty. Many however disagreed with that penalty, and drivers are also clear that neither should have been completely at fault. "That was purely a racing incident in my opinion," stated George Russell, the brand new Mercedes driver. Former teammate Nicholas Latifi agrees.

Unique view of the crash

The two McLaren drivers were also asked to share their views on the crash. Lando Norris has already had a close-up look, as the Brit was able to see the crash in his mirrors. He was very happy about it at the time, as it gave him the opportunity to finish second in the race, just behind Daniel Ricciardo. The Australian does clearly place the blame for the accident on one party: the gravel trap next to the track.

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