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Villeneuve doubts Hamilton will continue in F1 after losing world title

Villeneuve doubts Hamilton will continue in F1 after losing world title

15 January - 09:50 Last update: 09:53


Jacques Villeneuve thinks the end of the 2021 season was good for Formula 1. Lewis Hamilton lost the world title to Max Verstappen and according to Villeneuve, the Brit needs to attack aggressively to take his eighth title in 2022.

Aggressive comeback

Villeneuve let it be known to Motorsport.com that he thought the end of the Abu Dhabi Grand Prix was good for Formula 1. In that race, a controversial decision by the race control allowed Verstappen to take over the lead from Hamilton on the last lap and thus take his first world title.

Villeneuve says it's especially good for the sport because Hamilton must now embark on a comeback. The 1997 World Champion says Hamilton must be aggressive to take back the title in 2022. Villeneuve did admit that the way Hamilton lost the title was somewhat controversial, but he says that this is always the case when the title is decided in the last race.

Could Hamilton quit F1?

Hamilton himself has still not reacted after losing the world title in 2021. The Mercedes driver has been inactive on social media and there are even rumors circulating that the seven-time World Champion is retiring. Villeneuve is also not yet sure that Hamilton will be on the grid in 2022.

The Canadian is referring to Nico Rosberg's retirement in 2016, something no one saw coming at the time. Rosberg announced his retirement a few days after winning the world title. According to Villeneuve, for now it remains a guess as to whether Hamilton will continue.

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