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Verstappen learned important lesson at karting: It's never enough

Verstappen learned important lesson at karting: "It's never enough"

08-01-2022 14:56 Last update: 18:35


All drivers who drive in Formula 1 and ever want to do so start with karting. Current F1 drivers explain all they learned while racing as young children.

The impact of karting is very big on Formula One drivers. After all, that is where they learn the basics of racing, from what lines to take to how aggressive you should and can be. For example, after the legendary 2016 Brazilian Grand Prix, Max Verstappen explained that go-karting helped him with impressive overtaking during the race.

In a new video on the Formula 1 YouTube channel the current F1 drivers explain what lessons they all learned from karting. The influence Jos Verstappen had on Max's development is immediately apparent, to hear from his response. "It's never enough," states the new world champion. The Dutchman also learned that you have to work hard not only on the track, but also off-track.

Being aggressive on the track

Carlos Sainz also learned an important lesson from his father while karting: "You either bite or you get bit." The Spaniard soon found out that you shouldn't be too nice on the track and shouldn't just let yourself be knocked off the track. Soon Sainz was, by his own admission, the one who was the aggressor on the track.

But what many drivers say is the most important lesson they learned from karting is simply to have fun racing. If you drive yourself around the track without fun, then becoming a Formula One driver will never be your ultimate dream.

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