Giovinazzi compares Formula E with Formula 1 in the rain

Giovinazzi compares Formula E with Formula 1 in the rain

03-01-2022 17:36 Last update: 19:32

After three seasons in Formula 1 with Alfa Romeo, Antonio Giovinazzi has to make way for Valtteri Bottas. The Italian will race in Formula E next season but he does not expect it to be easy. Besides racing in Formula 1 Giovinazzi remains a reserve driver at Ferrari.

Just like Formula 1 in the rain

Recently, Giovinazzi stepped into a Formula E car for the first time with the Dragon Penske team. In an interview with The Race, he tells us that he found it more difficult than expected. "I remember after the first day I was completely lost," he admits. For Giovinazzi, everything was new and not comparable to other cars he has ever driven.

Especially the lack of grip was something the Italian had to get used to. "It was almost like driving in Formula 1 in the rain," he said. According to Giovinazzi, you have to brake very softly, there is little grip or downforce and you can't take much speed into corners.

Giovinazzi not comfortable yet

The completely different cars make sure Giovinazzi doesn't feel comfortable yet in Formula E. He thinks the first part of the season will be difficult. Nevertheless, he is very motivated. "I want to improve as much as possible and get good results at the end of the season. For me, it is a new challenge and I am really motivated for this."

Next season his priority is Formula E, but Giovinazzi must admit that he is also looking at a possible return to Formula 1 in 2023. At least through his role as reserve driver at Ferrari, he remains involved in Formula One. "Maybe I'll start liking Formula E more. I don't know what can happen in 2023, " Giovinazzi keeps his options open.

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