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Verstappen's mum: 'He may have missed that'

Verstappen's mum: 'He may have missed that'

03-01-2022 09:28 Last update: 10:56


Max Verstappen finally became F1 champion in 2021. His mother Sophie Kumpen not only had unimaginable excitement during the ultimate denouement in Abu Dhabi, but has that every race. Kumpen vented her heart a day after her son's title victory.

The mother of the Red Bull Racing driver could not be present at the last race of the season. Talking to Dutch RTL Boulevard, the day after the race, Kumpen told that she watched the race at home, because she just had her second granddaughter. In her thoughts she was only with her son and she was in total suspense.

Mother Verstappen ten years older every race

Kumpen remembers a three-year-old Verstappen who insisted on driving a kart. His father thought he was too young, but after consultation within the family, he was allowed to try it anyway; and it went well. But despite his skill on the track and the exceptional talent that Verstappen possesses, his mother is still worried.

Kumpen: "I always wonder about [Lewis] Hamilton's mother. She's been living with stress for years, hasn't she? It doesn't go away with me, either. That's Max too, always just over it and taking a bit of risk." Kumpen is aware of the fact that her son always gives just a bit more than you think possible. "Every time he races, something happens."

Verstappen now has a family of his own

The fact that Verstappen started his career early also had a big impact on his childhood. Not only did Verstappen walk a different path than his peers in terms of school, but the family situation was also very different. Verstappen's mother refers to this when talking about his love, Kelly Piquet.

Piquet has a child from a previous relationship with former F1 driver Daniil Kvyat. Now that his girlfriend and child have moved in with him, the F1 world champion also has a family of his own. Kumpen does not think it distracts the top athlete: "It has created a kind of family. I think Max may have missed that somewhere as well when he was younger. That stability has helped him this year as well, I think."