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Verstappen not favoured in Abu Dhabi: 'This is not Hollywood'

Verstappen not favoured in Abu Dhabi: 'This is not Hollywood'

30-12-2021 10:13 Last update: 14:17

Lewis Hamilton fans were frustrated after the Abu Dhabi Grand Prix. But fellow Brit Sir Jackie Stewart is on Max Verstappen's side. According to the triple world champion, there was nothing wrong with how Verstappen won the title.

The German team seemed to be on their way to a historic eighth world title for Hamilton, but in the final lap of the Abu Dhabi GP the victory went to Verstappen after all.

Support for the race committee

Many of Hamilton's fans were angry about the actions of the race committee. Like Mercedes, they felt the race control did not follow the rule in the final laps, giving Verstappen an advantage. The lapped cars were not all passed and also too short before the safety car was released.

Some people point out that Formula 1 wanted to make it more of a show, but Stewart says at that he doesn't believe that. According to the former driver "this was not Hollywood", but very pure. Stewart also pointed out that it was good for the sport, because there has never been such a finale.

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