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'Honda will always keep an eye on Red Bull's development, even after 2022'

'Honda will always keep an eye on Red Bull's development, even after 2022'

23-12-2021 20:45 Last update: 22:11


After the success of 2021, helping to deliver Max Verstappen's world title, Honda is leaving Formula 1. Next year the engine supplier will still help with the development of the Red Bull engine, but after that Red Bull will do it themselves. According to Bernie Ecclestone, there is no reason to worry.

After 2022, Verstappen's team will provide the engine itself under the name 'Red Bull Powertrains'. Honda will still support the team with the development next year, but after that all responsibility for the operation will lie with Red Bull itself. The power sources will remain the intellectual property of Honda.

"Max is currently the best driver in the world", Ecclestone says to Blick. The former F1 boss expressed his preference for the Dutchman several times this season in the battle for the championship, and was proven correct in his choice.

No worries for Red Bull

Ecclestone is asked if that will remain the case when Red Bull has to provide its own engine from 2022. "Don't worry about that. The Japanese will always keep an eye on the development, even after they officially leave the sport."

It will be a big change for Red Bull with the modified regulations in 2022 and having to take care of the engine themselves, but the team seems confident. For 2026, the team will have to come up with a new engine themselves, but it is not yet known if that might be with a different engine manufacturer.

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