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Vettel saw what the race officials didn't: 'Made that suggestion'

Vettel saw what the race officials didn't: 'Made that suggestion'

20-12-2021 07:26 Last update: 11:56


Sebastian Vettel calls Max Verstappen a deserved world champion, but tells the Swiss newspaper Blick that some things went wrong during the last Grand Prix in Abu Dhabi.

After the Abu Dhabi Grand Prix there was a lot of criticism directed at the actions of the race director in the final phase of the race. During the safety car, it was first communicated that lapped cars were not allowed to overtake, but a lap later the opposite was the case. Then the safety car was released a lap too early despite the fact they actually have to wait a further lap to come in after lapped cars pass the safety car.

Vettel helps the race direction

Vettel could not understand why it all went wrong, as he even saw from his cockpit that the lapped cars should be released on time. "It made a strange impression. The drivers behind the safety car had to pass much earlier. I also made that suggestion over the board radio on the first lap (of the safety car)", said the four-time world champion.

Although Vettel thinks the last race ended on a strange note, he thinks Max is the rightful world champion. "I only saw Dutch fans jumping up and down, so then I knew: Max is ahead. Lewis had no chance on his tyres. They both deserved to win the title. It's a shame for Hamilton, because he had a very strong second half of the season. Now I just congratulate both drivers", concluded the German.

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