Todt praises Verstappen: 'He gets what he deserves'

16-12-2021 19:01 | Updated: 16-12-2021 22:50
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Todt praises Verstappen: 'He gets what he deserves'

Lewis Hamilton and Toto Wolff are the big absentees during the FIA gala. Both decided not to travel to Paris because of the controversy surrounding the last race in Abu Dhabi. Hamilton is actually in violation of the regulations because the first three in the championship have to attend the annual gala.

Unique performances

At a press conference, outgoing FIA boss Jean Todt was asked what he thinks of the absence of the Mercedes chiefs. The Frenchman's response was clearly uncomfortable. "I think we should celebrate tonight and not get into a controversy," the Frenchman said. "Mercedes should be praised a lot because they have captured eight world titles. That is unique. And Max has done very well."

Todt thinks Verstappen is the deserved world champion. "He gets what he deserved. It's true that he was lucky on the last lap. But was he lucky in Silverstone? In Baku? In Budapest? Not really! It's like Max often says, 'It is what it is'."

Great champion

During his final press conference on behalf of the FIA, Todt also spoke fine words about Hamilton. "Lewis is an outstanding champion and never makes a mistake. It's a combination of best car and best team. He (Max) won ten Grands Prix and we have to find that remarkable."

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