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Ecclestone invents new rules for 2022: Don't cross the white line

Ecclestone invents new rules for 2022: "Don't cross the white line"

16-12-2021 09:55 Last update: 11:35


It has been a tradition for years, the Christmas card of Bernie Ecclestone. The former Formula 1 boss sends a playful Christmas card every year that refers to the past Formula 1 season. This year, the 91-year-old Briton has done his best again, but not everyone is well off.

Equality for all, except in Formula 1

F1-Insider.com has already managed to get his hands on Ecclestone's new Christmas card, on which he makes fun of the 'We Race As One' concept, among other things. Before every race, Formula 1 pays attention to equal rights and speaks out against discrimination. The Christmas card shows the drivers with a sign on their necks saying '$ Equal', by which Ecclestone refers to the fact that the drivers are not paid equally and therefore do not have equal rights.

According to Ecclestone, there is no equality between the teams either. In the foreground you can see the cars of Mercedes and Red Bull, with far behind them the other Formula 1 teams. Underneath is the text: "At least some cars are equal".

Support for Verstappen, sneer at the FIA

On the inside of the Christmas card Ecclestone speaks out about the often controversial decisions of the FIA and the stewards this season. He even comes up with some fictitious rules for 2022: "Don't cross the white lines." He also reveals that he thinks Verstappen in particular was often penalised for on-track fights. "Help your competitors with a little help from the stewards and don't race," can be read on the card.

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