Horner on controversy: "Of course, Toto Wolff will do that"

12-12-2021 15:11
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Horner on controversy: Of course, Toto Wolff will do that

Christian Horner has witnessed his driver Max Verstappen become World Champion after beating Lewis Hamilton in Abu Dhabi. Verstappen had a ten-second deficit to Hamilton in the final six laps, but a late safety car caused by Nicholas Latifi gave Verstappen the chance to take the title. 

In his post-race interview with Sky Sports, Horner was quick to note the crash that caused the safety car. In the latter half of the race, the Red Bull team boss said in an interview that the team needed a miracle. 

"It sums up this year. I called it on commentary that we needed something from the racing gods. Thank you to Nicholas Latifi for the safety car, and I have to say with the stewards, we felt hard done by earlier in the race, they did well to get the race going again. It's been an insane competition, but for Verstappen to win the championship it's been about the whole season not just here," Horner said. 


Race director Michael Masi initially said lapped cars wouldn't be able to overtake, but changed his mind and allowed the cars in between Hamilton and Verstappen to overtake. This allowed the last lap sprint to decide the World Championship. Toto Wolff was furious and complained to Masi over the radio. 

"Of course, Toto Wolff will do that. It's unheard of to leave the cars unlapped. They wanted to get the race going again, they don't have to catch up to the back of the pack. They made the right call. I've lost my voice, I was screaming from turn five. You just knew Max wasn't going to give it up. To close it out and see him become world champion after all these years, it's an amazing season," Horner added. 

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