Coulthard: Hamilton and Verstappen will 'become immune' to title pressure

Coulthard: Hamilton and Verstappen will 'become immune' to title pressure

11-12-2021 07:00

David Coulthard doesn't think Lewis Hamilton or Max Verstappen will feel the pressure ahead of their 2021 Formula 1 World Championship title showdown in Abu Dhabi. In an exclusive interview with GPblog, Coulthard insists the two drivers will 'become immune' to the pressures. At the Yas Marina Circuit, Hamilton topped the timesheets in FP2, but Verstappen's race simulations looked stronger. 

A golden season 

For the first time in the turbo-hybrid era, Mercedes have been pushed throughout the whole season by another constructor. Hamilton and Verstappen go into the 22nd and final Grand Prix level on points. The cross-generation battle has created some of the best modern Formula 1 memories, which Coulthard has enjoyed. 

“It really remakes the fan within because, at the end of the day, I raced in F1 but I spent a large part of my life watching it on TV and generally enjoying the show and the history of the sport. That includes celebrating with the fans and enjoying Heineken Music performances around the world, the atmosphere has been electric. There have been key moments you can list that we’ve had big battles for a world championship and they stay in our minds. What we’re witnessing is one of those great eras of the sport and it’s fascinating to see, observe and talk about given my role in television," Coulthard told exclusively

Verstappen is gunning for his very first Formula 1 World Championship against Hamilton who has been there and done it all before. Whilst the Dutchman goes for his first title, Hamilton is attempting to become the first driver to win eight World Championships. Despite it being an all or nothing weekend with records and pivotal career moves on either side, Coulthard doesn't think the drivers will be feeling the pressure. 

“There’s always pressure and I really don’t think that changes if you are Lewis Hamilton, Michael Schumacher or Nikita Mazepin. The pressure to perform, part of that comes from within. When you feel they are performing, driving and have momentum, that’s positive energy so that’s a different kind of pressure. With that in mind, I don’t think they feel pressure. I think they become somewhat immune because of the nature of the situation. They’ve both won Grands Prix, they both have the chance to win this weekend, there’s a lot to feel good about yourself," he added. 

"I don’t think they’re feeling any pressure, I think they are just highly motivated. They know win or lose, as long as they do their best, life goes on."

Ending the season on a high with Heineken! 

Coulthard has been involved in many different situations on the circuit as a Formula 1 driver. But on this occasion, the 13-time Grand Prix winner looks forward to watching from the commentary box and enjoying some celebratory moments with Heineken. 

“I work for Channel 4 so I’ll be in the commentary box calling the race. When that’s finished and we’ve wrapped up our show, I will be diving into a bath of Heineken and doing various strokes from my Olympic repertoire. And Formula 1 can wrap up its 2021 Formula 1 season. All done responsibly of course," Coulthard concluded.

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