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Hamilton's performance overrated: 'Verstappen was not satisfied'

Hamilton's performance overrated: 'Verstappen was not satisfied'

10-12-2021 20:49 Last update: 22:18


Max Verstappen and Lewis Hamilton discovered the changed track in Abu Dhabi for the first time on Friday. While the Dutchman was fastest in the first free practice session, Hamilton set the best time a few hours later. Peter Windsor therefore finds it difficult to point out a favourite.

Windsor has been following Formula 1 closely throughout the season with his analysis and has seen the favourites role constantly shift. From the first two free practices in Abu Dhabi is also little to get. Verstappen and Hamilton remained very close to each other in terms of times, which means Mercedes and Red Bull Racing do not seem to be bowing out of the race for the time being.

While the analyst saw Mercedes put in a good performance during the second free practice session, he doesn't want to draw any conclusions just yet. "Lewis was slightly faster than Max, but Verstappen said he was not satisfied with his car when he left the pitlane. The steering was a bit wrong," he tells on his YouTube channel.

Tough challenge for Verstappen and Hamilton

The journalist went on to stress that the teams will be looking to get the best out of the cars during Saturday afternoon's qualifying session. The difference in lap times is expected to be very small.

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