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Marko surprised at Hamilton: 'It's unbelievable'

Marko surprised at Hamilton: 'It's unbelievable'

10-12-2021 19:45 Last update: 22:16


Max Verstappen will battle it out with Lewis Hamilton this weekend to win the world championship. Where the Dutchman had to deal with the factor bad luck in the past races, everything seems to go right for Hamilton. Helmut Marko also notices this.

Red Bull Racing's advisor hoped Verstappen would be able to hold on to his lead after the Mexico Grand Prix, but nothing was further from the truth. Hamilton fought back at lightning speed and is now on a par with Verstappen after three wins in a row.

It wasn't just Hamilton's qualities that mattered; the decisions made by the race committee in recent weeks have also been very positive for him. On top of that he was lucky to be able to continue during the Saudi Arabia GP. The Briton crashed into Verstappen's car during the race, which meant he had to retire. Luckily for Hamilton this was not the case.

Hamilton's form surprises Marko

Marko tells in conversation with Speedweek.com that he thinks Verstappen's competitor is very lucky. "It's unbelievable how Hamilton can come out of each collision virtually unscathed and continue racing. With others, wings fly off and fall out. He just keeps going," Marko said.

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