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Red Bull pulls out all the stops: update for Verstappen's car after all?

Red Bull pulls out all the stops: update for Verstappen's car after all?

07-12-2021 17:20 Last update: 18:41


There's no denying it: Lewis Hamilton's Mercedes is currently in a better position than Max Verstappen's Red Bull. While Mercedes say they haven't done any further development on the car for some time, the experts at the Red Bull factory keep searching for that one inspiration that will make the difference in the title fight.

Air resistance

In Abu Dhabi there might be an update on Verstappen's car, reports Auto, Motor und Sport. The German publication writes that Sergio Perez tried something new in Saudi Arabia, which might be implemented on Verstappen's car in Abu Dhabi; it would be a small adjustment to the bottom. The aim is to reduce the drag on the straights and thus gain a few extra kilometers of top speed.

According to the Auto, Motor und Sport there is a disadvantage to this change, as became clear during the laps that Perez drove with it. In the corners the change cost too much downforce; in Jeddah this disadvantage would have outweighed the advantage, so the update was abandoned. There is a chance that the update will be tried again in Abu Dhabi during practice. At the Yas Marina Circuit there are less fast corners than in Saudi Arabia, so perhaps the loss of downforce is less of an issue there.

World title

Verstappen can take his first world title in Abu Dhabi this weekend. To do so he needs to finish the race ahead of rival Hamilton; if both drivers do not cross the finish line, Verstappen is also the champion. This would be as a legacy of the Dutchman having won more races than Hamilton this season.

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