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Verstappen takes umbrage at inconsistency in race director: 'Interesting'

Verstappen takes umbrage at inconsistency in race director: 'Interesting'

05-12-2021 21:42


Max Verstappen does not agree with the five seconds penalty he received for his fight with Lewis Hamilton during the Grand Prix of Saudi Arabia. According to the Dutchman, it is more about penalties than racing in Formula 1 lately.

"I find it interesting that I'm the one who gets a penalty when we both drive over the white lines. In Brazil it was fine and now suddenly I get a penalty for it," Verstappen responded to Sky Sports.

In Brazil, the Dutchman was not penalized for a similar incident. In Brazil he ran wide, taking Hamilton with him, but the stewards did not deem it a punishable offence.

It's more about punishment than racing'

"You can see we both didn't make the corner, but it's fine. I'm not spending too much time on it. We have to move forward. We are equal in points and that is exciting for Formula 1 in general," he continued.

Verstappen, however, is disappointed with the decision in the final stages of the season. "I said it during my lap. We've been talking more about white lines and penalties than racing lately and that's a bit of a shame."

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