"I was just trying to keep it on the track" - Hamillton

05-12-2021 21:15 | Updated: 05-12-2021 21:49
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I was just trying to keep it on the track - Hamillton

Lewis Hamilton placed importance on not giving up after he overcame multiple incidents with rival Max Verstappen to win the Saudi Arabian Grand Prix. The world champion, however, did not enjoy Max Verstappen's actions on-track. "It is clear that others [Max] around us are willing to take it to all sorts of levels in order to overtake", the race winner told Sky. 

"We just keep pushing"

in what was a real race of attrition, Hamilton conceded that at times, he was just focused on keeping his nose clean. "I was just trying to keep it on the track and stay out of trouble, which meant I would avoid an incident if I could."

Following his clashes with the 24-year-old, Hamilton was surprised thathe was able to get to the chequered flag relatively unscathed. "I am grateful that I did have a front wing at the end and I took a risk with the wing to take that extra point." He went on to praise the team's positive attitude thrrough the adversity No matter what we have experienced as a team. We just keep pushing and never giving up."

The win means that Hamilton and Verstappen go to the final race in Abu Dhabi completely level on points.

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