Risk too high on Jeddah street circuit: 'Glad I'm not driving anymore'.

05-12-2021 11:58 | Updated: 05-12-2021 16:35
by GPblog.com
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Risk too high on Jeddah street circuit: 'Glad I'm not driving anymore'.

The street circuit in Jeddah is seen as a cool circuit by many fans and drivers, but there are also people who don't like to watch it. Nico Rosberg is especially happy that he doesn't have to drive there, because according to him it is too dangerous.

The German wanted to know what the new circuit is like so he decided to get in the simulator and drive a lap. One lap was enough to make him realise it wasn't for him. "I'm glad I'm not driving Formula 1 anymore. The Jeddah Corniche Circuit is awesome. The track is incredibly fast and you have virtually no crash space in many places. At the back of the track, you shift down a second from eighth gear to seventh, the arc goes almost full, and you're heading for a wall. That's completely crazy," the former Formula One champion said in a video on his YouTube channel about the Saudi Arabian Grand Prix.

Rosberg will therefore not sit completely quiet during the Grand Prix, as he believes the risk is far too great. "It all smacks of extremely high risk. I'm very curious to see how it will all turn out and I hope all the drivers stay in one piece. I think it's all madness."

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