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Hamilton at an advantage: 'It will be difficult for Verstappen'

Hamilton at an advantage: 'It will be difficult for Verstappen'

04-12-2021 08:15 Last update: 09:11


Max Verstappen took a decent lead in the world championship after the Mexican Grand Prix, but a few races later Lewis Hamilton is close to his rival again. Alain Prost therefore expects a difficult task for Verstappen.

The four times world champion knows what it is like to fight for a world title. Whereas at the start of the season every race won is a bonus, the pressure increases in the final stages. Remarkably enough Verstappen and Hamilton remain completely calm this year, even as the apotheosis approaches.

Although Hamilton won the past few races, Prost doesn't think the team will just grab the world championship. "Mercedes was maybe a bit faster than Red Bull Racing in Qatar, but certainly not as dominant as in Brazil. They are so matched," he assessed in conversation with the NOS. "That's been the case all season. It's constantly tilting."

Mercedes more likely to win in Saudi Arabia and Abu Dhabi

Prost, therefore, expects the decision to fall in Abu Dhabi. "My estimation is that the race in Saudi Arabia and the finale in Abu Dhabi suit Mercedes a little better. It will be difficult for Verstappen, but it is possible. It's a big advantage that he leads the World Championship. Lewis has to take more risks, Max can defend, calculate and control."

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