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Gasly wants to be Verstappen's teammate again: 'That's my goal'.

Gasly wants to be Verstappen's teammate again: 'That's my goal'.

03-12-2021 11:33 Last update: 11:34

Pierre Gasly was hoping to return to Red Bull Racing in 2022, but Helmut Marko and Christian Horner decided otherwise. Sergio Perez's contract was extended for one more year and so the 25-year-old will have to prove himself for another season at AlphaTauri. Gasly hopes to be the teammate of Max Verstappen again in 2023.

What can be seen as a disadvantage to a return to Red Bull is that the Austrian team is completely focused on Verstappen. Gasly might not get a chance to perform at all, as he did in 2019, and that could spell the end of his career. However, the Frenchman says he is not at all concerned about that. He calls racing for Red Bull in the future 'priority'.

Gasly wants to fight for wins

"For now that is my goal because I am under contract with them and I want to drive the fastest car, fight for the top positions and win the championship. To win the title and be in the race, of course, you have to all be pushing in the same direction," Gasly said."Everyone has to push in the same direction and work towards the same goal. Max has the whole team supporting him and the same happened in the past with Michael Schumacher. Even with AlphaTauri, by working together like this we have achieved great performances because everyone has the same goal in mind."

According to the current world championship number nine, that is possible for him at Red Bull. "I believe it's possible to achieve it with Red Bull, that's my priority. We will see what is in store for both of us in the future and we have to figure out if we want to continue together or if we have to look at other possibilities. But at the moment my priority is with Red Bull," he revealed in an interview with the Italian arm of

According to Gasly, he is not currently busy threading lines to other teams. It's difficult to do so as the new regulations will be introduced in 2022. This will probably change the grid completely, so it might be better for Gasly to wait and see how things work out.

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