Watch the intro for the Hamilton vs Verstappen documentary

18-10-2021 10:31

There will be a video about the battle between Max Verstappen and Lewis Hamilton. The 'Youtuber' who already made documentaries about the battle between Hamilton and Rosberg, and Hamilton and Vettel, is now also going to work on the current rivalry in Formula 1.

Hamilton versus Verstappen

Floz is a Formula 1 fan who posts his own videos on YouTube. He is mostly known for his documentaries about Formula 1. He made the series Origins of the Silver War, which focused on the rivalry between Hamilton and Rosberg. He also made a similar series about the battle between Vettel and Hamilton.

In 2021 the title battle will be between Verstappen and Hamilton. The Youtuber has announced that he will make a video for this rivalry. The intro is now showing on his channel and has already been viewed over 7,000 times. Watch the intro here.

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