Coulthard and Webber try to fix Verstappen's damaged bargeboard

05-10-2021 13:28

David Coulthard and Mark Webber have been out of the Red Bull Racing circuit for a while now, but they're still regularly invited to give demonstrations and make fun videos. This time they visited the Red Bull factory in Milton Keynes.

Coulthard and Webber turn Red Bull campus upside down

Using scooters and mini go-karts, they explore the huge Milton Keynes campus, visiting various buildings. They'll see some of the Red Bull cars from previous years and Coulthard will try to get a tan in the machine that makes carbon fibre parts.

In the paint shop, they get to take care of a bargeboard of Max Verstappen, which was damaged in the crash with Lewis Hamilton at Monza. "This is where we play our part," said Coulthard. "We're going to make it good again!"

They also pay a visit to the new Red Bull Powertrains building. The building is unofficially renamed 'The Webbhard Building'.

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