Hilarious: Verstappen and Perez gagging during Russian food tasting

24-09-2021 21:43
by GPblog.com

Max Verstappen and Sergio Perez are in Russia, so Red Bull Racing came up with the idea to give their drivers a taste of the local cuisine. However, the drivers didn't get excited about every dish...

The Red Bull drivers are served a selection of Russian specialities, but some are more to their taste than others. The sweets are good, and noodles are also good.

Verstappen and Perez gagging for Russian dish

When plates with dried fish are brought in, the faces get different. The teammates look at the dish with distrust and decide not to eat it. Pérez does make a brave attempt to smell the fish but immediately regrets it. Pérez does suggest calling Yuki Tsunoda. "Yuki will love this", the Mexican concludes.

The general verdict however is positive: "Simply lovely", is the Red Bull drivers' conclusion.

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