Red Bull is at it again: An entire 'drift lap' of the Sochi circuit

20-09-2021 10:28

Fans of Red Bull Racing can get ready for another great video. On Monday morning Red Bull shared a video of a ride where the driver is drifting.

Drifting around the Sochi Circuit

Red Bull makes a unique video for every Grand Prix. Before the Italian Grand Prix they took Max Verstappen for a ride through Italy, and David Coulthard also made an impressive road trip. This time however the video is shot at the circuit where the next race will be held.

At the Sochi circuit, you can see a car in Red Bull colours, and that Red Bull driver takes you for a lap around the track. However, this driver is not doing a 'normal' lap around the track, but he is drifting the whole time. It makes for some unique footage, although this short video seems to be a teaser for a big video to come.

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