Tech expert explains: This is what went wrong with Hamilton's 'Magic Brakes'

09-06-2021 08:51

Lewis Hamilton squandered a huge opportunity in Azerbaijan to take advantage of max Verstappen's blowout. The Brit accidentally pressed his 'Magic Brakes' again, but what is that exactly. Craig Scarborough explains in a video by Peter Windsor.

Hamilton's mistake

The Azerbaijan Grand Prix looked set to be a complete disaster for Red Bull Racing. Verstappen crashed out due to a blowout and the standing restart gave Hamilton another chance to overtake Sergio Perez. Hamilton had a great start, coming alongside Perez and looking to be heading for the lead until he pressed the wrong button.

With his Magic Brakes on, Hamilton shot straight into the first corner. With the brake balance fully on the front wheels, Lewis immediately locked up and shot straight on. In a video from Windsor, Tech expert Scarborough explains exactly what Hamilton's system does, and why it had such huge consequences.

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