Furious Mazepin fails to execute engineer's order

24-05-2021 10:48
by GPblog.com

Nikita Mazepin finished ahead of his teammate Mick Schumacher in the race for the first time ever, but it didn't come easy. Of course it's never easy to race in Monaco, but the Russian had a hard time following instructions from his team.

Trouble for Mazepin

It is always impressive to see drivers who make adjustments on the steering wheel during a lap. If you are just doing a quiet lap you can imagine that, but during the race in Monaco it is of course very difficult. All drivers are able to do this, but Mazepin had a bit more trouble with it.

This is clear from Mazepin's on-board radio. His engineer instructed him to make some adjustments to his steering wheel. Normally this should be an action the drivers can do blindly, but not for Mazepin. He reacts furious on the radio that he can't do this, because he is racing in Monaco.

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