VIDEO | Is Aston Martin's new AMR21 now just a green Mercedes?

04-03-2021 09:49

Aston Martin presented the new AMR21 for the 2021 Formula 1 season on Wednesday. A real show which featured James Bond himself with a good word for the team, but isn't it just a green Mercedes?

Now a green Mercedes?

Aston Martin returns to Formula 1 in 2021 with a stunning British Green Racing livery, with another little pink hint at its sponsor BWT. The car itself was beautiful, and with the presentation by Gemma Arterton (former Bond-girl) and video messages from Daniel Craig (current actor James Bond) and superstar Tom Brady, the team had pulled out all the stops for a great presentation.

Yet afterwards, it was all about a comparison with Mercedes. Whereas the RP20 was a copy of the Mercedes, Aston Martin was now accused of being a green Mercedes. However, in Craig Scarborough's analysis on Peter Windsor's channel, the F1 expert explains that there are also major differences between the two cars.

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