McLaren Unboxed shows their most important week so far

24-02-2021 19:46

The new Formula One season is fast approaching and we are currently in the phase where the teams are revealing their cars. The drivers are also taking to the track for the first time, albeit in a limited format due to regulations. Daniel Ricciardo and Lando Norris have had their first commitments, which we have reported on extensively here at GPblog. Of course, everything was also captured on video and that brings us to the new McLaren Unboxed.

On track at Silverstone

With the unveiling of the MCL35 a week and a half ago, we have already had a closer look at the new car. Shortly after, both McLaren drivers took to the track at Silverstone. McLaren Unboxed is the team's video series which gives a look behind the scenes. In the new episode, the two primary key moments from last week's show are reviewed from a different perspective which has not been seen before.

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