Horner through the crazy onboard radio Max: "That was a flawless race!"

09-08-2020 17:36

The onboard radio of Max Verstappen showed how pleased the Dutchman was to win. He thanks everyone on the team and Honda is also put in the spotlight by the Red Bull Racing driver. According to Verstappen, it was a great day and they are going to celebrate it well.

Onboard Radio Verstappen

Christian Horner was also incredibly happy with the performance that Verstappen showed on Sunday. "That was unbelievable! That was a flawless race! It was a great performance, well done."

Gianpiero Lambiase announces that Verstappen won the race mainly by a strong first stint on the hard tyre with a super-fast lap just before entering the pits. "Not bad, huh? Starting on the hard tyre," says Verstappen.

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