On-board radio from frustrated Verstappen: "F*ck this, mate!"

05-07-2020 20:09
by GPblog.com

The RB16 of Max Verstappen stopped after a couple of laps during the Grand Prix of Austria. The Red Bull Racing driver's on-board radio has now appeared online and this shows once again that the 22-year-old Dutchman is very disappointed with the technical malheur.

When the problem arises, Verstappen immediately reports to his team: "Anti-stall mate, tell me something." What follows are many clues from the pitbox that Verstappen tries to follow as good and as bad as he can. The eight-time Grand Prix winner can't get over the fact that this has to happen to him again. "How can this happen?"

Frustrations Verstappen

Over the onboard radio, Verstappen is told by Red Bull that he has to drive into the pit lane and that, in addition to new tyres, he will also get a new steering wheel. But it doesn't come to that, because the engine of the RB16 is stopped. "F*ck this, mate!", is the telling reaction of Alexander Albon's team mate.

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