Paddock on the Red Bull Ring is alive! At least with Norris and Sainz nearby

01-07-2020 20:38

The drivers and all other team members will have to get used to the fact that they will not only be left alone in the paddock, but will also have no contact with people outside their team. A boring affair you would say, but leave it to Lando Norris to make it an event after all.

The teams have now arrived at the circuit in Spielberg and get to know the sober entourage. Norris wanted to share with his fans how things are going and therefore streamed liver from the paddock.

Together with Carlos Sainz he shows, among other things, the booth in which team members have to endure the rather painful coronary test. Further on in the paddock, images by Sergio Perez show how such a test is rather painful. His face speaks volumes at the moment the cotton swab is pushed into his nose.

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