Verstappen dreams about the simulator: ''I'll never have that with Formula 1''

30-06-2020 08:33

In the run-up to the first Grand Prix in Austria, Ziggo Sport presents several short documentaries about Max Verstappen. Today part 2 starring the Dutchman's simulator.

At the beginning of the video is the unrest in the house of Verstappen. The Dutchman is sitting in the rain in his house in Monaco, but the simulator won't turn on. ''The fuses have blown and that is not a good sign. If the fuses break at the simulator, they do the same to me. That's not a good plan'', says the Red Bull Racing driver.

Stopping dream of the simulator

"It's never happened before I haven't raced in six months. It feels very empty here in town. I guess that's wherever you're in lockdown. I'm trying to fill up the time with the simulator,'' says Verstappen, who says he may be a little too much in the simulator.

''It depends a bit on how many hours I spend on it, but it's a lot. These days I even dream about the simulator. Then I dream about different setups. I never have that with Formula 1. Then I'm not so busy with the setup at all'', concludes a smiling Verstappen.

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