LIVE: Codemasters comes with a 'big revelation' for F1 2020

26-06-2020 09:56

According to Codemasters, the Formula 1 game will come from 11:00 Dutch time with a big revelation. The game will be released on the 10th of July and will focus on the new 'My Team' feature.

What's the big revelation

Codemasters has been making the official Formula 1 game since 2009 and will present the new F1 2020 game on 10 July. In that game, which is also available in a special Michael Schumacher edition, a new feature has been added called 'My Team'. In this function you can play a career as a driver/manager.

In addition to the manager function, there are numerous new updates to the latest Formula 1 game. The 2019 version is already widely used for the Codemasters signboard, E-racing and so new features can also be expected in the multiplayer. However, turn on this video to know what this big revelation is!

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