Sainz: "Don't think I'll ride Dakar with my father."

28-05-2020 18:21

Carlos Sainz has answered questions from fans on his own Youtube channel. Among other things, the brand new Ferrari driver states that he doesn't think he will participate in Dakar together with his father. The rally that his father still manages to win almost every year.

"I don't think I'll be riding Dakar with my dad. Especially because I will drive Dakar at a late age and my dad will be well over seventy by then." So the Spaniard clearly wants to follow in his father's footsteps, but after his career as a Formula 1 driver. Sainz clearly has a goal and that is to become world champion. Until then he won't be distracted by other race classes or races like the Dakar Rally.


When the question arises who his examples are from the past, he cannot list one. Sainz chooses several options. Among others Fernando Alonso, Senna and his father belong in the list. The driver of McLaren would therefore like to see Alonso return to Formula 1.

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