New images of the circuit of Zandvoort in the F1 2020 game

13-05-2020 09:08

On the channel of YouTuber Aarava new images have appeared of the F1 2020 game of Codemasters which will be available on different platforms on July 10th. See here new images, including the Circuit of Zandvoort.

New images of Zandvoort

In the video Aarava mainly explains what's new about the game. The YouTuber has been allowed to play the game itself and indicates what new parts have been added to the gameplay. This is how the ERS system has been tackled. Where you as a driver had to change modes yourself last seasons, the computer now does that.

This offers much more realism to the game, because in real life a driver cannot change his ERS mode 300 times per lap. However, there is a so-called 'overtake' button, which gives you just a little extra power for an overtaking action. However, you have to use this cleverly, because you can't use that button indefinitely.

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