Friday night documentary: Lauda vs. Hunt "Lauda only had respect for Hunt"

17-04-2020 21:15

The well-received 2013 film Rush focuses on the rivalry between Niki Laude and James Hunt during the 1976 season. Less well known is the documentary released by the BBC about this heroic duel, in which many are involved. Delicious food for a Friday night in quarantine during these Formula 1-less weeks.

Begin van het seizoen

Niki Lauda drove for Ferrari and was the reigning champion. In a Mclaren that year the eccentric James Hunt, transferred from the Hesketh-team where he won his first Grand Prix in 1975, stepped over at Zandvoort. McLaren was pleased with the man with the long blond locks who proved his new team right in the first race weekend. He qualified first in Brazil, Interlagos was that year's season opener.

Soon it became clear that the extrovert newcomer James Hunt and the rational champion Nikki Lauda would compete for the world title. The men were incredible opposites. Hunt was a womanizer who enjoyed the glitz and glamour and virtues of life. Apparently, he didn't take life too seriously. Lauda was the cool and outspoken champion of the drivers. Busy with Formula 1 safety and took his responsibility in it.

Mutual respect

Above all, both gentlemen were great talents who got everything out of the car. They were rivals but there was a lot of respect between them and partly because of that it became a legendary season. Lauda became world champion three times but the year where he became most famous he had to leave the title to his rival James Hunt. The former advisor of Mercedes almost burned alive that year after a severe crash at the Nurburgring but his resurrection was even more impressive.

It's all covered extensively in this docu. Have fun.

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