You must have seen this video and it puts a big smile on your face

07-04-2020 08:45
by Editorial Team

Marc Priestley is always open to his followers and every week he has a video in which he answers the most important questions. This week, however, a special episode, with questions from children.

Try not to smile

The former mechanic of McLaren answers all your questions in his videos Whether it's about Formula 1, Formula E or cars in general, Priestley will do everything to answer your question in the best possible way. However, this time it will be special entries, using videos as well.

Of course, between the entries there are not always the most difficult questions, but some of them are actually quite interesting. For example, Priestley answers the question of how long it takes to build a car from scratch, how you can start racing with less money and what exactly should happen if a car is damaged.

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