Is it wise to freeze developments before 2021?

31-03-2020 12:37
by Editorial Team

With the coronavirus that has put Formula 1 on hold for the time being, more and more new ideas are coming up to save teams. For example, freezing developments is part of these ideas, but is it really that practical?

Coronavirus influences future F1

In a latest video by Marc Priestley, the former mechanic of McLaren looks at the current situation of Formula 1. Developments for 2021 are at a standstill in order to keep the costs for the teams as low as possible, but teams are also allowed to bring fewer new parts for that season.

In addition, the new rules are now scheduled for 2022, but the future of the sport is not so certain at all. The impact of the coronavirus and the consequences it brings are far from all visible yet, so Priestley discusses the different options F1 has.

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