This is what the new Formula 1 calendar can look like

26-03-2020 07:27
by Editorial Team

Eight Formula 1 races have already been postponed or even cancelled, so the sport's leadership has a problem. How will the first calendar that was so full fit into the short time frame that remains? Chain Bear makes an attempt.

What does the Formula 1 calendar look like?

Due to the coronavirus, the Australian Grand Prix was cancelled at the last minute and the next seven races were taken off the calendar. Monaco has really been cancelled, the other one postponed, but is that possible? The question now is when we will start in the first place and if we still start, can you overtake those races?

In his new video Chain Bear looks for different alternatives for the calendar. Which races can still be used and where do they fit in the schedule? Until when can the races also continue and what about the 2021 season? The YouTuber explains it all to you.

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