Was the DAS system already on display on the Mercedes?

25-03-2020 07:50
by GPblog.com

The DAS system caused a lot of open mouths among mechanics and engineers of the competition. Mercedes had done it again. An innovation that the competition could only look at and hate that they didn't come up with it themselves, but had it been there before?

Was the DAS system in place before?

That's a question many people ask themselves after the test week in Barcelona. Several images of the DAS system already surfaced during the Formula 1 season of 2019. However, the question is whether those images are real and where you can see that. Marc Priestley will investigate in his new video.

The former mechanic of McLaren also looks at the situation surrounding the coronavirus. Do the factories have to close and perhaps even more important: How to do it at home? For example, the Brit now sits in a house where his wife has to make online calls all day, but refuses to put on headphones. Recognisable frustration for people who already have to sit at home for a while?

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