Watch: The latest images from Zandvoort as circuit nears F1 return

03-01-2020 09:30
by Matt Gretton

The hard work didn't stop during Christmas and New Year at Zandvoort. With five months until Formula 1's return to the venue after a 35-year wait, many preparations and building work has to be done before the track is ready. In the latest drone images, you can see how things are going with the Tarzan curve. 

Major changes are made not only around the circuit and on the access roads but also on the track itself. For example, run-off lanes are added to certain curves to improve safety.

There are also so-called bankings. Both the Hugenholtz bend, which already has a reasonable tilt, as well as the Arie Luyendyk bend are banked. The latter in particular promises to be a spectacular part of the course.

In the drone images above by Henk Schuurman, you can see the Tarzan curve. The first corner of the circuit will be widened by no less than two meters. That will encourage catching up. The exit of the pit lane can also be found here.

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