Aston Martin puts first female driver in simulator with Jessica Hawkins

28-11-2022 21:00 Last update: 29-11-2022 08:34

Jessica Hawkins was allowed to take a seat in Aston Martin's simulator for the first time on Monday. This makes the W Series driver the first female driver to get this opportunity.

Aston Martin puts female driver in simulator for the first time

Hawkins, who combines her work as a stunt driver with her racing career, is also an ambassador for Aston Martin's Formula 1 team. In that role, she seeks to raise awareness of women in motorsport. During Women In Motorsport Month, she finally got the chance to take a seat in the simulator herself.

It's not an F1 car yet, of course, but Hawkins eagerly took the opportunity. "I've had an exceptionally exciting day. I've been in the simulator. I'm struggling to keep the smile off my face," she says. "The simulator was amazing. As you can imagine, it's the closest you'll get to the real thing without actually driving." Recognising that this opportunity is not for everyone, Hawkins feels privileged that she was allowed to do this.

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